Maximizing Business Potential
with Odoo Technical Support

The difference between success and stagnation lies in an organization's ability to adapt, innovate and optimize its processes.

In this scenario, technology becomes the driving force of transformation, and at the epicenter of this revolution is Odoo.
More than just an open source, modular and architecturally flexible ERP system, Odoo presents itself as the pillar on which companies build their success, offering a variety of integrated solutions ranging from inventory management and accounting to CRM, human resources management and beyond.
How do we ensure that every company makes the most of Odoo's potential? The answer can be found in specialized technical support.

Why do you need Odoo Support, where is the solution? And what is the benefit?

Some of the specific reasons why an organization might seek this type of service include:

Lacking staff with specialized technical knowledge and hands-on experience to effectively configure, administer and troubleshoot.

  • Solution: Have a specialized Odoo technical support service. From initial configuration to technical troubleshooting and ongoing optimization, ensuring that the organization has the necessary knowledge and expertise to efficiently manage its Odoo system.
  • Benefit: By outsourcing this critical aspect of system management, the organization can focus its internal resources on core, strategic activities, thereby maximizing its overall productivity and performance.

Divert attention from core activities that generate value and increase the company's competitiveness in its market.

  • Solution: Delegating technical management to experts allows the company to remain agile and focused on its core mission without compromising operational efficiency. Focusing its efforts on areas critical to its business success, such as innovation, product and service development, and customer satisfaction.
  • Benefit: The company can maximize its productivity and profitability by focusing on key activities that generate a higher return on investment. This allows to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness in the market, obtain a higher level of expertise and a better quality of service.

Incidents that do not guarantee that the systems work correctly and efficiently in the production environment.

  • Solution: Detect, correct and track incidents.
  • Benefit: Maintain operational continuity and service quality by minimizing the negative impacts of incidents.

The Rapsodoo Iberia Approach: 
First Level Technical Support

Rapsodoo offers two support models: Bag of Hours and Dedicated Resource

Support Service BAG OF HOURS
Expert team to respond to the needs of the Customer who demands a corrective support service and maintenance of small and large evolutions.

The service offers a wide range of support and administration of Odoo systems, from query management to evolutionary maintenance to continuously improve the efficiency and functionality of the system in production.

  • Beg of Hours Model
  • Pool of professionals with SPOC assigned to the Client
  • Monthly report of times consumed
  • Operating model: Analysis > Design > Approval > Development
  • Incidents
  • Administrator Tasks
  • Little Evolutionaries
  • Consultations
  • Average Consumption / Demand Curve

It offers a dedicated and exclusive technical assistance that will allow the customer to have a resource that will know the environment and will be integrated in the customer's team. 

It will be the Client, together with the dedicated resource, who will define the backlog and manage it, prioritizing the tasks and following up on them.

Partial or exclusive dedication to the Client, collaborating as part of their Team

Combinable with hours bag for work peaks and specialist profiles

Expert profile in Odoo with the ability to offer corrective, administrative and small evolutionary services

Flexibility for possible changes in allocation windows

Search for operational excellence

Direct line to technical experts who can resolve issues quickly and efficiently, thus minimizing any negative impact on business operations.

The Odoo technical and functional support provided by Rapsodoo Iberia offers companies the peace of mind of knowing that they have an expert team at their disposal to support them on their journey to operational efficiency and business success. With a combination of technical expertise, business domain knowledge and a customer-centric approach, Rapsodoo Iberia is positioned as an ideal strategic partner for organizations looking to leverage the full potential of Odoo.

Are you considering integrating Odoo into your business?

Simple, efficient and at a good price!

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