An app for everything

 An app system fully integrated with your online or in-store sales channel

that can improve your customers' experience and optimize employees' workflows.




 CRM software that puts the customer at the center of the business .
It allows you to keep track of all business contacts, close opportunities quickly, and receive accurate forecasts .


Accurate forecasts With countless information at your disposal, you can make better and more accurate decisions, and design customized and shareable dashboards.
Activity planning
You can get all the information you need directly from your website and plan activities according to your sales schedule.

Real-time overview
Keep track of your work and compare activities based on predetermined goals. You will be able to plan your work according to planned actions.

Customer contact
With this messaging service, you can get an overview of what is happening in your team and share ideas and files in real time.​


The software enables you to create clear and accurate quotes.

It will help you throughout the quote-to-cash process, from creating online quotes to processing sales orders .


Creation of quotes
Send clear and comprehensive quotes to your potential clients. You will be able to present your products and services professionally and attractively, including images and additional information.
Create, implement, and improve your pricing strategy. Use price list rules to calculate the right price based on the customer and offer them discounts and promotions.
Automated operations
Turn quotes into one-click orders, record contracts, and keep track of billing steps.
Client portal
Give your customers the option of viewing their quotes, orders, and deliveries. Get their digital signatures to quickly finalize agreements and contracts.


An app dedicated to managing your store, compatible with any device , that can be set up in no time to start selling products or services .


Smart interface
The platform provides an intelligent interface that can adapt to any business need, as it is flexible and easily configurable.
Online and Offline
You can use your store wherever you are and at any time. You will only need an Internet connection to get started, thereafter the store will remain in operation even after disconnection.

Contact with customers
Record customers to track buying habits and offer them loyalty programs that you can easily manage with a fast, automated process.

Inventory management
Automatically transmit any transaction from the point of sale to the warehouse. You can check the availability of your products in real time.


The app that makes it quick and easy to manage subscriptions, recurring billings, and members .


Automated functions
Automated functions will take care of recurring sales and subscriptions. You will be able to quickly provide clear contracts and flawless invoices.
Satisfied customers
With easy registration and no login requirements, you can increase sales and offer your customers an easy-to-use portal.

Revenue optimization
Offer your sales team pre-designed contract templates to simplify their work and allow customers to terminate their contracts easily.

Analysis tools
Analyze performance to improve sales, use statistics to evaluate current actions, and create forecasts for future goals.


An app dedicated to managing all rental processes , from planning to billing.


From quotes to invoices
Through a single visualization you can manage orders, schedules, deliveries, and invoices. You will have all the information you need readily available.
Real-time overviewYou will be able to check product availability and serial numbers with the Gantt view.

Professional quotes
Software that allows you to configure products and send accurate quotes as needed.

A single solution 
Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps, the rental software will enable you to manage the entire product lifecycle.

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