Our Vision is aligned with that of our Symphonie Prime Group.

Within the next 5 years, we want to be the First European Applied Innovation Group with a non-hierarchical organization and with company shares distributed among enthusiastic talents and visionary entrepreneurs.


Rapsodoo's mission is to become the greatest European Odoo Partner to work at and with. Not necessarily the biggest, nor the most important - we want to become a truly great company, a place to work and grow and have fun in. A company where trust is a fundamental component, where innovation is not forced but emerges naturally from a context where creativity is stimulated and mistakes are an integral part of everyone's growth. A context where our clients don't have to ask for outstanding quality because it is in our DNA and integral to everything we do. 

After all, to become the best, you have to start somewhere. And we want to start our journey here.


Rapsodoo's goals directed toward achieving our mission are the following:

We strongly believe in a non-hierarchical model and Smart Working and not only regarding where we work but more importantly how we work. 

Our governance model is organized into different “bubbles” of responsibility in which there are no bosses but rather positions with their own competencies and objectives. 

Each associate, regardless of seniority, has a variable compensation in addition to their fixed salary, which is linked to objective goals with very little subjective factor, and can join a virtual stock plan of the group.Want to know more?

We believe that a key element of modern businesses should be "sustainability". Most companies talk about facts and numbers, not taking into consideration who they develop their solutions for. 

But, just as Odoo, we believe that the strategy for delivering valuable services is to focus on and build solutions for people. 

Our methodology is focused on ongoing deployment so that we understand their true needs, which are not always aligned with those initially expressed. Even lengthy projects are broken down into quick, continuous releases of specific features.

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We believe that a successful company must also focus on valuable products. Time is the most valuable thing we each possess, which is why we believe that a winning strategy must involve developing products to automate, improve, and speed up operational processes.

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The evolution of a group such as Symphonie Prime takes place through a platform that encapsulates the different competencies of the companies that are part of it. That is why we actively participate in the development of the platform, created as an End2End approach to operational processes.

Our relationship with the ecosystem is very important to us; we believe that competition is healthy and necessary for any company to grow. 

But we find that the cooperative approach between different companies on common problems can provide even greater value. That's why we love the term coopetition.

For us, the ecosystem is not just a context in which to compete but in which to collaborate, exchange value, and enrich the community. 

Collaborating with the open source world, providing value through educational events in our academy, supporting other companies, and finding opportunities for collaboration are very important aspects for us.

To become the most amazing Odoo partner in Europe, it is imperative that we grow and strengthen the brand. We are sure that working with us is amazing but it accomplishes little if no one gets to know about it. 

Participating in national and international events, and promoting the brand in the appropriate places and ways is up to each of us. Nevertheless, we are convinced that the best way to promote Rapsodoo is by word of mouth. 

Nothing is a stronger seal of approval than an associate or a user who speaks well of us.

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