Our company is committed to shaping the future of business through innovative and tailored software solutions.

With a customer-centric vision, we seek to create a digital ecosystem that optimizes operations, promotes growth, and drives business transformation.

Our vision is aligned with that of the Symphonie Prime group, which aspires to become the leading European applied innovation group with a non-hierarchical organizational structure and a distribution of shares between enthusiastic talents and visionary entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to turn customer challenges into opportunities by offering scalable solutions aimed at long-term success.

With a proactive approach to technology, we are committed to guiding businesses in realizing their full potential through cutting-edge software and strong partnerships.


 Rapsodoo's objectives to achieve our mission are the following:

We firmly believe in a non-hierarchical work model oriented towards Smart Working. By this we are not only referring to the physical place where our employees work but above all to the way in which they work.

We have adopted an innovative Bubble Organization model, an organization structured in different responsibility centers. There are no traditional "bosses" but defined roles with areas of competence and clear objectives – an approach focused on the professional growth of each of us. In other words, we want to see each member of our team grow and thrive, carrying out our shared mission with passion and dedication.

We are committed to offering a complete service which goes beyond simply providing solutions. From the initial analysis to installation, from the development of customized solutions to long-term maintenance, our experts are always at the customer's side.

We offer ongoing sup​port and ensure seamless integration of our solutions into your business environment to achieve your goals. More than just software, we are your trusted partner for the long-term success of your business.
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We firmly believe that success should not be an individual goal but rather one that we can achieve together.

Furthermore, we are convinced that when different companies collaborate on common issues, they can generate even more significant results. Therefore we adopt the concept of "coopetition".

We see the ecosystem as a space where we collaborate, learn and strengthen the community. Working with the open source community, offering value through our academy with educational events, supporting other companies, and seeking collaboration opportunities are key.

With Odoo you don't just implement software, you adopt a complete way of managing your business. Our integrated, adaptable solutions allow you to improve all aspects of your business in one platform.

But it doesn't stop there. With our adaptable and customer-centric approach, we are with you every step of the way in your Odoo experience. From the initial installation to team training and ongoing support, we're here to ensure you get the best possible benefit.

We find out how your company works and create partnerships to strengthen it. We understand their structure, roles and departments inside and out and are committed to improving coordination to enhance your business.

We understand each department's needs to guarantee the overall success of your organization. We strive to integrate roles and departments, ensuring they work together cohesively to achieve common goals.

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