An app for everything

 Dedicated applications for inventory management, replenishment, tracking, and stock movements, through to production order processing and planning.




 The software for managing your warehouse online .


Performance and 
processing in record time
Manage your warehouse with the help of the double-entry inventory system and take advantage of an intelligence storage method to improve internal operations.
Automated restocking
Use order points and automated 
RFQs to make the supply 
chain more efficient.

The software will allow you to track every product movement: from purchase to stock placement to sales order and delivery of goods.

Real-time reports
Benefit from dynamic reports to save, share, and obtain key information.


Simplicity, power, and reliability . MRP software for managing and coordinating all processes related to the acquisition , production , and delivery of end products .


360-degree visibility
Via a single control panel you can monitor time, view worksheets, track production, receive alerts during the process, and record the serial/batch number.

Inventory quality
Through tailored rules for minimum stocking or production planning, you can automate the purchasing process. By routing and setting constraints you can optimize the inventory.

Faster operations
By creating barcodes for batches, serial numbers, or unidentified products, you can speed up the operations of: receiving, picking, packing, and ordering.

​Real-time reports 
You will get real-time reports to assess production efficiency, monitor TPM losses, and track maintenance KPIs such as MTTR and MTBF.


Manage, organize, and keep track of all steps in the product life cycle .


Real-time communication
Streamline communication between departments, simplify approvals, and centralize document discussions.

Integrated documentation
Trigger alerts on worksheets or control panels, attach documents to invoices, and easily manage different versions of documents.

Diff and Merge function
Bring all departments together on the same document to keep track of different versions and manage all changes.

Complete product lifecycle management
Optimize complete product lifecycle management, from technical changes to release changes.


Effortlessly manage suppliers and purchase orders to optimize your supply chain and inventory performance.


Automated purchasing process
Automatically send requests for quotes to suppliers based on in-stock inventory. For each product you can choose different restocking methods.
Price optimization
Import supplier price lists to make purchasing decisions based on promotions, quantities, and contract terms.

Purchase proposals
Get the best price by negotiating with various suppliers. Through Open Orders you will be able to purchase goods from a supplier at a set price, on a recurring basis, and for a set period of time.

Multi-company rules 
Synchronize operations between different companies and warehouses, as well as create orders, share customers, suppliers, and products to be managed simultaneously.


Manage, organize, and track maintenance requests or schedule preventive maintenance.


Preventive maintenance
The software provides standard statistics to plan the mean time between failures (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and the expected date of the next failure.

  Maintenance request
Kanban and calendar views will allow you to monitor the progress of maintenance requests and schedule tasks.

Real-time updates
The production department will be able to send the maintenance request directly from the control panel of their work center. As the request is sent, the update will reach the relevant people in real-time.

Dashboard and statistics
Optimize performance with automatically calculated statistics, establish preventive maintenance rules, and reduce the risk of failure.


Define quality control plans to trigger controls on specific inventory operations or for production orders.


Quality control plans
Run inspections on specific inventory or manufacturing operations. With control plans and launch inspections in progress, at the end or beginning of the process.
Quality alerts
The Kanban view will allow you to: drag and drop alerts for progress updates, use visual indicators to focus on critical alerts, and use tags to categorize alerts or actions.

Integration with inventory and manufacturing
Quality controls and notifications are seamlessly integrated into production and inventory operations. You can send products to dedicated quality control zones to perform advanced analyses.

Manufacturing maintenance 
The manufacturing department will be able to send quality control requests directly from their work center control panel. As the request is sent, the update will reach the relevant people in real-time.

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