Odoo helps you manage your company's sales more effectively, even remotely, and track performance.

Everything you need to ensure complete management of sales processes and analyze and optimize business flows. 

Why choose ODOO?

Odoo offers a highly flexible solution for sales management. With an integrated CRM, it provides a 360-degree view of sales and performance reporting.

360-degree performance reporting
Odoo provides a wide range of reports and analytics to track sales. You can get sales reports by product, customer, or time period, and analyze salesperson performance, and more.

Easily integrated with marketing and websites
Odoo offers the "Marketing Automation" module to create marketing campaigns, sending follow-up emails, promotions, and more. It also provides a module for creating e-commerce websites, managing product catalogs and online payments. You can integrate social media accounts to post, track, and link sales to social activities.

Fast and easy sales management
With Odoo, you can create detailed quotes for customers, adding details of products or services offered, prices, quantities, and terms of sale. Quotes are converted into an order that contains all quote information and you can manage the entire order fulfillment process.

Remote management
Odoo can be accessed through a web browser, allowing users to enter the system from any device connected to the Internet. This enables sales teams to work remotely, access customer data, and manage orders and sales activities wherever they are.

Dedicated for your business 


An app system fully integrated with your online or in-store sales channel that can improve your customers' experience...

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Independently build your website through Odoo's Website Builder so you can effectively showcase your offering...

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An app system that will allow you to deploy your marketing strategies via social channels, e-mail, text messages...

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