Odoo Roadshow Madrid
Discovering Odoo's Strengths at the Madrid Roadshow: A Success Story

On January 30th, we had the privilege of participating as sponsors in the Odoo Roadshow Madrid, a business digitalization event organized by Odoo that brought together professionals and companies in search of innovative solutions to boost their businesses. During this day, attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the new features and advantages of the latest version, Odoo V17, and explore how this platform can transform business management.

Why Opt for Odoo?
One of the key topics that was addressed was why customers increasingly need Odoo in their business arsenal. In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, flexibility and adaptability are essential. The question of whether customers should adapt to the software or vice versa was raised, along with the importance of specific development to meet particular needs. Factors such as project implementation time and guaranteed customer support were discussed in depth.

Perspectives from the Customer Experience

Testimonials from real customers offer invaluable insight into how Odoo is transforming business management. Many customers praise the ease with which they can extract crucial information using Odoo, compared to more archaic methods like Excel or other scattered tools. They highlight that, thanks to Odoo, companies can optimize their time, freeing it from routine and redundant tasks to focus on analysis and strategic decision-making.

Success Story: Ados Sociservin S.L
One of the most outstanding testimonies came from our client Ados Sociservin S.L, an SME dedicated to the installation, study, maintenance, audit and legalization of electrical installations throughout Spain, with a long history working in various sectors. Its main challenge was to adapt to the rigorous standards and needs of large customers, such as a multinational distribution chain.

Rapsodoo Iberia: Implementer

"Odoo has been very beneficial to Ados in recommending Partner Rapsodoo Iberia."

The management of Ados involved a high degree of control and customization, with a vast amount of documents generated annually and the need for integration with systems such as the EDI Logistics Connector. We worked closely with Ados to implement a system that offered speed, accurate data, quality of service, and adaptability.

"Other ERPs didn't give us the solution"
Ados' project stood out for its complexity and the need to adapt to the specificities of its clients. Customization in the sales module and integration with tools such as Seres were crucial aspects of the successful implementation.

"Rapsodoo Iberia has never told us 'This can't be done'.
The success story of Ados Sociservin S.L exemplifies how the combination of innovative technology and expert collaboration can lead to significant transformations in your company.

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